Spring 2 – Living Things and their Habitats

In Year 2, we have been looking at Living things and their Habitats. We have investigated the similarities and differences between various habitats, and have been exploring micro-habitats here in the school grounds. Have a look at our findings below!


Following their investigations, the children have written acrostic poems about a chosen habitat. Check them out below!







February Writer of the Month

Well done Alfred!

Alfred has effectively used his story plan to write an Introduction to his story. He has included a large range of adjectives to give detail, adverbs for effect and connectives to extend his sentences. Alfred has carefully checked back his work and edited his spelling and punctuation in addition to including four of the 5W’s.


Keep up the good work Alfie!

January Writer of the Month

This month Yellow class have been getting into role in order to  consider character’s feelings. One of the story character’s we did this for was Goldilocks. Children thought that although the actions of Goldilocks were wrong, she was not given an opportunity to justify them or apologize.

Writer of the month has been awarded to Leo Stevenson, aged 6 years old, for his thoughtful letter of apology to the ‘Three Bears’ from Goldilocks.

Leo’s letter read…

Dear Mummy,Daddy Bear and Baby Bear,

I am sorry for breaking Baby’s chair and eating baby’s porridge. If I should come round and fix the chair and bring some oats please let me know by writing a letter back. I would like to invite you to my house to break my chair and eat my porridge and sleep in my fun bed. We can have tea and freshly baked cake.

Love from Goldilocks


Well done Leo, keep up the good work!





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Scutari Hospital

We have been learning about Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale went to the Crimean War to nurse wounded soldiers. She and her nurses saved many lives.

The hospital in Scutari was overcrowded and filthy. There were not enough beds, so men lay on the floor. They were not washed. There were no proper toilets. Drains were blocked. Rats ran everywhere. The smell was terrible!

Here are our drawings of a hospital in Scutari in the 1850s. Enjoy!




Launchpad – Science Museum

Last Friday we visited the Science Museum where we explored light, materials, forces, motion and electricity.

The day was full of exploration, experimentation and discussion. We had a great time!

There were a few activities we particularly enjoyed:

  • Icy Bodies. Little pieces of dry ice plopped into a pool of water and floated across the surface. We loved the way misty swirls were created.
  • Big Machine. Five simple machines were combined to create a big machine. We looked and found a pulley, a lever, a wheel and axle, a wedge and a screw.

Have you ever been to the Science Museum? If not, you must go! We had a blast!

image (5) image (1)

The Monument, Pudding Lane and Tower of London

Yellow Class recently visited the Monument. We were all extremely brave and made it to the very top! We also visited Pudding Lane, where the Great Fire began and discussed how London has since changed.

In the afternoon we sat by the Tower of London and admired all the beautiful poppies. We remembered the soldiers who died fighting, those who are still fighting today and all their friends and families. It was a very special moment for everyone in Yellow Class.

Look at our photos, they look great!

IMG_2951 IMG_2939IMG_2937 IMG_2930 IMG_2947 IMG_2950